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NOT true...Some of the buildings do more than exp only. The barns are used to store items you don't need to show, like bales of hay. And the chicken coop is a building, and you can throw 20 chickens in there to save space, and to make it easier to collect from them all at once. Same with the dairy farm, which IS ALSO a building. So the moron who said the buildings are ONLY for experience is wrong, wrong, WRONG. Specifically the grain silo, yeah, that's for exp. But there are other buildings as I have mentioned.

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to avoid the crap up there read this,

the grain silo just takes up space, it gives you 1% of the purchase price in exp, but if you really want exp, then buy and sell hay bales, 5 exp for 100 coins, thats 5% exp instead of 1,