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You can now go beyond the limit of 70. You can now go past one hudred, and when the feature was released, you should have gotten all of the Farm Cash needed for the levels that you passed.

- FV changed the award process for FV cash to award 1 FV for every new level - up to 250.

Easiest way to gain new level I have found is to purchase a Belted Cow for 1,000,000 coins and get 10,000 XP points. Purchase 10 Belted cows and you go up a level and get 1 FV cash. Belted cows yield 3,000 coins at every harvest, so if you fully expand the dairy barns (max of 5 per home farm and English farm), you can house 40 cows in each barn. Thus, if all barns are fully stocked with belted cows, every time you harvest, you can get 120,000 coins per barn - or 620,000 coins per day for all 5.

However, a "glitch" exists with the barns in that if you have some cows outside the barns and allow them to "mature", you can move a "mature" cow into a barn with the "move" hand (in the middle of the multi-purpose pop-up) as long as youhave at least 1 open space - the whole barn immediately becomes "mature" and can be immediately harvested. Always remove 1 cow from barn after harvesting to leave space for next harvest operation.

Initially you don't have that many (or any) "Belted Cows", but you can buy cows cheaply in market, as well as those that are awarded in game. Not all cows produce the same quantity of coins, but start with what you have and always move the best producers into the dairy barn.

Also if you have a bull in a barn, you can breed cows - but beware of belted calfs - they will NOT go into building to mature with other calves and foals.

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